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Wackiness vs CaroKann and my favourite chess engine Numpty0.6

Posted on May 5th, 2010 by Richard

As I play 1.e4 as my favourite white opening I often play against the CaroKann (1.e4 c6) and I have 2 favourite lines either 4.g4 or 4.h4.

Either of these can lead to unbalanced positions and I find them fun to play! Here is an example of 4.g4 vs my favourite chess engine Numpty0.6:

There are many ways in general to play as White vs the CaroKann including the advance or exchange variation and in general as White I enjoy playing against the CaroKann as I seem to get to dictate the pattern of the game from the outset. However beware CaroKann players seem by their nature to be tenacious and good at defense and can be tough nuts to crack!

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