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Greatest games

This page features some of the greatest chess games ever played between some of the greatest chess players ever known. These players include Morphy, Capablanca, Rubinstein, Fischer and Kasparov.

GAME 1 : The Evergreen game

The opening here is the Evans Gambit and this produced this sparkling game full of invention and good play!

Game 2 : Morphy plays at the Opera- the ‘Opera Game’

Morphy gets an opening advantage in this Philidor defence game and absolutely comes up trumps with an oustanding checkmate combination featuring a Queen sac. Morphy shows just how amazing his chess playing ability was to produce such a finish.

Game 3 : The Gold coin game….Rotlewi vs Rubinstein

What an awesome finish!

Game 4: Capablanca end game mastery

This opening is the Queen’s Gambit Declined Orthodox Rubinstein variation. It is the end game where Capablanca

shows fantastic chess playing technique.

Game 5 : Byrne vs Fischer (Fischer at 13 years old shows what a talented chess player he is).

The Grunfeld defence opening . A great game starting the amazing (if somewhat turbulent) chess career of Bobby Fischer.

Game 6 : The champion of modern times -Gary Kasparov

Here is a video of this game (video by Kingscrusher at YouTube):

YouTube Preview Image

Do you have a favourite player and or favourite game?

Another one of my favourites is the Kieniger mate trap in the Budapest defence (a favourite of Akiba Rubinstein).

I have won with this mate on several occasions in internet blitz where it can catch an unwary opponent off guard.

I will post more famous games later…

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