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My chess improvement

Posted on July 21st, 2010 by Richard

I haven’t posted in a while, partly because I have had big problems with WordPress themes for my chess blog. I still have those problems!

Anyway here is a chess update about how to improve my rating:

My chess rating is slowly going up. As I play better, my rating improves as I start to win more (& lose less). My problem has been to identify how do I improve my chess? I know at my level I make weak moves but I need to know why my moves are weak and how to change and make stronger moves.

I believe I have finally realised that I need to improve my game analysis through better assessment and calculation. In short I have not been good at analysis, assessment and calculation and my weaknesses in these areas let me down. More or less up to now I have been playing what I ‘feel’ to be sound moves without thinking much about my game plan and the opponents plan and crucially without calculating through my moves enough! In effect I play the whole game on ‘auto-pilot’ mode and while my opening knowledge is reasonable, my mid and endgame play is much weaker and so I struggle and often lose from good positions! I look forward to changing this by thinking & calculating my moves before playing them! I’m sure this will make me become a better player and I look forward to detailing how I can do this and sharing it here!

Meanwhile here is a win of mine in AlapinĀ Sicilian B22 opening:

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Trialling jspgnviewer WordPress plugin to display games

Posted on July 1st, 2010 by Richard

I have been trying over the last few days to install jspgnviewer by Toomas Romer as an alternative chess pgn game viewer for my blog. It has been a bit awkward as it does not install as simply otherĀ  WordPress plugins. It is not too complicated though-it seems to need the pgnviewer directory moved up a level (ie to be put in the plugins folder along with jspgnviewer-0.6.7 folder). So I hope this will work!

This is a game of mine from a nice training chess software program I have recently found called ‘Lucas Chess’

Unfortunately the board images are not displaying!

I am now going to try cvd plugin (chess viewer deluxe)!

I have had quite some trouble with pgn viewer plugins. This one is embed chessboard IFrame:

That hasn’t worked either!

I need to sort out the best pgn viewer for my blog……

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