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Catalan BogoIndian opening…pardon?!

Posted on October 4th, 2010 by Richard

I lost my last OTB game last week. I was black and white played 1.d4.
My main reply is 1….e6 and from then on there are a myriad of possibilities of openings depending on the next moves. I have had some coaching recently in the English opening but have not yet played it enough to know the variations.

In this game I lost and when I analysed the game with the computer engine (Crafty) it told me the opening was the Catalan BogoIndian.
The what???
The Catalan BogoIndian! (ever heard of it-ever played it?!).

Well I lost the game-I kept losing position gradually & somewhat lost interest in the game. Eventually I made a really poor move but I wasn’t really interested in playing by then!
Why don’t White players just stick to 1.e4? It would make life so much easier & a whole lot more fun! 1.d4 and 1.c4 should be banned (along with everything else except 1.e4!)!!

Now I am going to check out the Catalan BogoIndian defence & find out how this opening should be played!

Here is the game:

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3 minute blitz chess

Posted on August 24th, 2010 by Richard

Earlier today I found my 15 yr old son on my computer playing chess 3 minute internet blitz. My son is a good player who has more or less given up regular time control chess but he plays a few 3 minute blitz games for fun.
I watched him win 3 games in a row before I asked to use my computer!

Here is the last game he played and won-very entertaining as both players were low on time:
CaroKann Opening

In contrast to that last week I had a bad time at chessclub in a decreasing time control tournament. I lost 4/5 games and forgot there was a final round 5 game & left the club!
I shall try and get some practice in against Numpty chess engine.

In regard to Numpty it is written in Basic (.bas) and about a week ago I tried to convert this to C code using BCX converter.
It didn’t work! I got an error message (I have forgotten now exactly what). The only trouble I have running Numpty is that it seems very memory hungry and I can have no other programs open & running when I use Numpty. This is inconvenient as I like to play after research/computer work and I like to keep my browser tabs and programs open mainly.
One day I hope to fix this in Numpty-then I can do more practice against Numpty chess engine!

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My chess improvement

Posted on July 21st, 2010 by Richard

I haven’t posted in a while, partly because I have had big problems with WordPress themes for my chess blog. I still have those problems!

Anyway here is a chess update about how to improve my rating:

My chess rating is slowly going up. As I play better, my rating improves as I start to win more (& lose less). My problem has been to identify how do I improve my chess? I know at my level I make weak moves but I need to know why my moves are weak and how to change and make stronger moves.

I believe I have finally realised that I need to improve my game analysis through better assessment and calculation. In short I have not been good at analysis, assessment and calculation and my weaknesses in these areas let me down. More or less up to now I have been playing what I ‘feel’ to be sound moves without thinking much about my game plan and the opponents plan and crucially without calculating through my moves enough! In effect I play the whole game on ‘auto-pilot’ mode and while my opening knowledge is reasonable, my mid and endgame play is much weaker and so I struggle and often lose from good positions! I look forward to changing this by thinking & calculating my moves before playing them! I’m sure this will make me become a better player and I look forward to detailing how I can do this and sharing it here!

Meanwhile here is a win of mine in Alapin Sicilian B22 opening:

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How to improve your chess

Posted on June 28th, 2010 by Richard

Here is a fascinating interview with my chess coach Bob Jones on how to improve your chess:

Bob is a well known local chess player and coach and tournament oraniser. Hear his views on how a near beginner can try to improve their chess rating. He gives sound advice which will help any beginner become a better player!

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My first ever Youtube video and on chess!

Posted on June 5th, 2010 by Richard

Yesterday I changed my chess blog theme to this GoNatty WPress theme and I am still adjusting it.

Today I made & uploaded my first ever Youtube video and it is on my favourite chess opening the Scotch game.

This was a very interesting exercise especially limiting my video to just 10 minutes! I had many takes to make it under 10 minutes!

It features on the sidebar here and in this post! Hope you like it!…

YouTube Preview Image

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The English Defence

Posted on May 30th, 2010 by Richard

Last week I had a coaching session with my chess coach on the English Defence. Coincidentally this is a black opening defence my coach plays and he had a game a few days later which featured this opening. Here is that game. It ended as a draw and I checked this through Rybka who agreed with best play from both sides only a draw would occur.

The English defence:

Amazingly this draw secured the Club Championship win overall for my coach-CONGRATULATIONS Coach!

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