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Catalan BogoIndian opening…pardon?!

Posted on October 4th, 2010 by Richard

I lost my last OTB game last week. I was black and white played 1.d4.
My main reply is 1….e6 and from then on there are a myriad of possibilities of openings depending on the next moves. I have had some coaching recently in the English opening but have not yet played it enough to know the variations.

In this game I lost and when I analysed the game with the computer engine (Crafty) it told me the opening was the Catalan BogoIndian.
The what???
The Catalan BogoIndian! (ever heard of it-ever played it?!).

Well I lost the game-I kept losing position gradually & somewhat lost interest in the game. Eventually I made a really poor move but I wasn’t really interested in playing by then!
Why don’t White players just stick to 1.e4? It would make life so much easier & a whole lot more fun! 1.d4 and 1.c4 should be banned (along with everything else except 1.e4!)!!

Now I am going to check out the Catalan BogoIndian defence & find out how this opening should be played!

Here is the game:

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3 minute blitz chess

Posted on August 24th, 2010 by Richard

Earlier today I found my 15 yr old son on my computer playing chess 3 minute internet blitz. My son is a good player who has more or less given up regular time control chess but he plays a few 3 minute blitz games for fun.
I watched him win 3 games in a row before I asked to use my computer!

Here is the last game he played and won-very entertaining as both players were low on time:
CaroKann Opening

In contrast to that last week I had a bad time at chessclub in a decreasing time control tournament. I lost 4/5 games and forgot there was a final round 5 game & left the club!
I shall try and get some practice in against Numpty chess engine.

In regard to Numpty it is written in Basic (.bas) and about a week ago I tried to convert this to C code using BCX converter.
It didn’t work! I got an error message (I have forgotten now exactly what). The only trouble I have running Numpty is that it seems very memory hungry and I can have no other programs open & running when I use Numpty. This is inconvenient as I like to play after research/computer work and I like to keep my browser tabs and programs open mainly.
One day I hope to fix this in Numpty-then I can do more practice against Numpty chess engine!

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End Game training

Posted on August 13th, 2010 by Richard

How good is your end game play? Have a look at this game. This is a part of a round 11 game from the recent British Championships.

White to play and white needs to win the game to get second place in the Championship:

Nice play by White to allow the potential  to Queen the pawn  (and also avoid the dreaded stalemate!)

so securing an overwhelming winning position and black cannot do anything now to stop White winning.

Now two important Rook and Pawn endgames-Philidor & Lucena positions

 introduced by Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philidor_position:

The Philidor position (or Philidor’s position) usually refers to an important chess endgame which illustrates a drawing technique when the defender has a king and rook versus a king, rook, and pawn. It is also known as the third rank defense, because of the importance of the rook on the third rank cutting off the opposing king. It was analyzed by François-André Danican Philidor in 1777. Most rook and pawn versus rook endgames reach either the Philidor Position or the Lucena Position if played accurately

The Lucena position is one of the most famous and important positions in chess endgame theory, where one side has a rook and a pawn and the defender has a rook. It is fundamental in the rook and pawn versus rook endgame. If the side with the pawn can reach this type of position, he can forcibly win the game. Most rook and pawn versus rook endgames reach either the Lucena Position or the Philidor Position if played accurately.

So here is JRobi on youtube on the Philidor endgame:

YouTube Preview Image

and here is JRobi on the Lucena position on youtube video:

YouTube Preview Image

Well this all seems clear except that I have known about these positions since I started playing chess but I still do not know them fully enough to be totally confident with the correct moves. I do not know why I cannot get this to be automatic for me but I will try & study it and get it done!

These are common endgames and if you want to improve your rating you need to know how to play these positions….

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British Chess Championships 2010

Posted on August 1st, 2010 by Richard

The British Chess Championships are in play at the moment at the University of Kent, Canterbury.

British GM Michael Adams is in the lead after round 6 with 5/6.

Local Woodbridge School teacher International Master Adam Hunt is on 4/6. Both Richard and Nick Pert are playing there.

Here is a round 6 match between GM  S Williams vs IM T Rendle :

Here is a link to the webpage for the championships:

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My chess improvement

Posted on July 21st, 2010 by Richard

I haven’t posted in a while, partly because I have had big problems with WordPress themes for my chess blog. I still have those problems!

Anyway here is a chess update about how to improve my rating:

My chess rating is slowly going up. As I play better, my rating improves as I start to win more (& lose less). My problem has been to identify how do I improve my chess? I know at my level I make weak moves but I need to know why my moves are weak and how to change and make stronger moves.

I believe I have finally realised that I need to improve my game analysis through better assessment and calculation. In short I have not been good at analysis, assessment and calculation and my weaknesses in these areas let me down. More or less up to now I have been playing what I ‘feel’ to be sound moves without thinking much about my game plan and the opponents plan and crucially without calculating through my moves enough! In effect I play the whole game on ‘auto-pilot’ mode and while my opening knowledge is reasonable, my mid and endgame play is much weaker and so I struggle and often lose from good positions! I look forward to changing this by thinking & calculating my moves before playing them! I’m sure this will make me become a better player and I look forward to detailing how I can do this and sharing it here!

Meanwhile here is a win of mine in Alapin Sicilian B22 opening:

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Trialling jspgnviewer WordPress plugin to display games

Posted on July 1st, 2010 by Richard

I have been trying over the last few days to install jspgnviewer by Toomas Romer as an alternative chess pgn game viewer for my blog. It has been a bit awkward as it does not install as simply other  WordPress plugins. It is not too complicated though-it seems to need the pgnviewer directory moved up a level (ie to be put in the plugins folder along with jspgnviewer-0.6.7 folder). So I hope this will work!

This is a game of mine from a nice training chess software program I have recently found called ‘Lucas Chess’

Unfortunately the board images are not displaying!

I am now going to try cvd plugin (chess viewer deluxe)!

I have had quite some trouble with pgn viewer plugins. This one is embed chessboard IFrame:

That hasn’t worked either!

I need to sort out the best pgn viewer for my blog……

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