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Chess Microbase game viewer

Posted on October 16th, 2014 by Richard

I have seen a chess game viewer called Chess Microbase and thought it looked interesting and decided to try it.
I made an example game and am posting it here with Chess Microbase embed code.

Loading embedded chess game…

Well, this game, showing an introduction to the VonHennig Schara Gambit, has loaded and displays here but without the comments that I added. Perhaps I missed a step allowing my game comments to be added. I will check it out and see if and how I can add my game comments and report back later. I’m also wondering if I can adjust the viewer size….

Anyway it works as my first test, and I will experiment some more with it to check it’s full capabilities. I think this is a javascript coded widget and I may explore the coding later also.

Mmmm interesting!? 🙂

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