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Life of a King (2013)

Posted on May 19th, 2014 by Richard

I recently watched this film ” Life of a King (2013)” on my Sky TV and enjoyed it. Cuba Gooding plays ex felon Mr Eugene Brown who has been converted to chess by a fellow prison inmate during his 20 year incarceration. He struggles to find a job after release from prison and ends up forming a chess club and he helps troubled youngsters through the ideals of chess play applied to life.

Here is a clip from YouTube:

This apparently was based on a real story and despite early problems, the chess club is successful and others are founded elsewhere. This club is a million miles away from the sedate chess club of Bury St Edmunds and the local junior chess club. However both Mr Brown and Mr Jones (of Bury St Edmunds CC & JCC UK)are both passionate about chess and helping youngsters learn the game!

In tribute to this film I show one of my recent games:


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