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Overdue post! Matches vs Numpty

Posted on July 28th, 2011 by Richard

Well it appears quite sometime since my last post!
I have still been playing chess since my last post with mixed success.
I am disappointed my 5 min blitz rating still remains lower than I want.
My opening play is generally reasonable though there are parts that still need study but I feel it is my middle and endgame I have to do better with and also I need to play more quickly!

Anyway I will try & put more effort into understanding the mid & end games. Meanwhile I keep sparring away with my favourite & great chess engine Numpty. When I play the Scotch opening Numpty often plays the Malanuik variation Bb4+. This can then transpose into other variations depending how play goes. I still haven’t mastered this opening variation as white & usually Numpty beats me in this variation.

My favourite white opening against Numpty remains the g4 Bayonet variation of the Advance CaroKann. I have found some areas that Numpty doesn’t like in this variation & it has been interesting playing this against Numpty.

Here then are x2 recent games vs Numpty. First a win for me in the CaroKann g4 Bayonet var & then a win for Numpty in the Scotch Malanuik variation (transposed to Tartakower var). Enjoy…

Game1: RPD vs Numpty CaroKann adv g4 bayonet var 1-0

Game 2: Scotch Malanuik var (transposed to Tartakower var) 0-1

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