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Trialling ‘chess-by-blog’ WPress plugin

Posted on June 3rd, 2010 by Richard

I came across another WordPress chess plugin called ‘chess-by-blog’ and thought I would try it out! It doesn’t want to work for some reason on any of my other blog pages on site here but it does have tags in the admin posts editor on this home page. I am trying to contact the author, Julian Fong to see if I can fix this.

Meanwhile┬áI am going to try it with a great chess game- ‘The Immortal Game’

between Anderrsen & Kieritsky.

The game was a King’s Gambit opening and features some interesting sacrifices leading to a minor piece mate. Amazing play really! Enjoy…

{EDIT: I could not get chess by blog plugin to handle this. Probably my fault but I think this plugin is more for playing chess between blogs and I need to test that out. Meanwhile I have put the above game back in ‘Embed Chessboard’ game viewer}

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