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Weekend internet blitz chess

Posted on May 3rd, 2010 by Richard

Over this bank holiday weekend I have played quite a bit of internet chess but my rating has fallen! I have not been very successful. I am trying to know and play good openings but am finding it hard when players play unconventional non candidate moves!

I have to figure out how I can play stronger moves than my opponent and so improve my play and rating!

Here is a ‘Crafty’ chess engine analysed game featuring non candidate opening moves and several ‘blunders’!

NB-Click the middle button below the board to view moves and comments while playing through the game.

Now I shall start to discuss my opening repertoire and continue to outline it.

As White I play 1.e4
and my most preferred opening is the Scotch game (Why? Because it is a direct and open opening! It has been played by many GM’s of yesteryear and in the current era Kasparov played it and usually won with it. I find a lot of players I play against do not know the Scotch opening and go ‘out of book’ early. Perhaps they usually face the Ruy Lopez or Guioco Piano more often?).

As Black
vs 1.e4 I normally prefer to play 1….e6-The French defence
vs 1.d4 I normally prefer to play 1….e6-Which can lead to several openings (QGD French etc etc) & today I started to look at the English Opening-1.d4 e6 2.c4 b6
vs 1.c4 I normally prefer to play 1….e6
Guess what I like to play against 1.b4 ?-YES 1…e6!
But against 1.f4 I prefer to play 1….g6

I will be expanding my opening repertoire more in the future.

To help with openings there are several good videos available at Youtube and elsewhere. A couple of years ago when I started playing I did a video on the Scotch opening and it is available at www.chessvideostv.com.

I will put some of these videos up on site as I continue my chess blog.
Over this weekend I have watched a couple of ChessNetwork’s videos and they are great! Thanks Jerry! See the link on the sidebar…

Well here at last is an example of how good the Scotch opening can be if the opponent does not play it well (featuring a classic bishop sac on h7):

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