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Hello world-Welcome to ChessatmyBoard!

Posted on March 15th, 2010 by Richard

Welcome to rhdwponlinetwist ChessatmyBoard.

I really like chess but have only being playing ‘properly’ for a short while. I only have a low BCF and ELO rating but I intend to improve my rating!

So I will be posting and hosting on many chess topics here from now. I hope you enjoy!

New game. I am Black and have a shockingly bad rating but I can still beat higher rated players! 🙂

This is Paolo Casaschi ‘s  nice pgn viewer also (embed chess viewer -thanks & gl Paolo!). Adrian Hanft has a chess plugin pgnviewer (but this is not yet WPv3 compatible and so is now not working on this site).


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2 Responses to Hello world-Welcome to ChessatmyBoard!

  1. David Korn says:

    Nice to see you again Richard. My apologies for failing to adequately replying to your rich, poignent, and person emails. Did you find work and, if so, of what nature?

    Your blog is nice. You have worked hard. I admire the reason of your opening selection. Few like you and me can limit a repertoire, but, this way, we know what we are seeing each and every time. If we go astray, not too far or too often, relative to peers, a advantage more or less at times, especially in rapid chess.

    Blessings to you and your wife and family. David Korn, aka transformation or dk

  2. admin says:

    Thanks dk for replying to my post and stopping by here-much appreciated.
    I look forward to staying in touch with you! (& learning some chess improvement from you!)
    Best wishes

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